2020 Hall of Fame Candidates

The 2020 Hall of Fame results will be announced Tuesday, January 21, on MLB Network at 6PM. There are three things that are certain with this class; Ted Simmons and Marvin Miller will be inducted via the Modern Era Committee, and that Derek Jeter will be inducted. The only question with Derek Jeter is if he will join teammate Mariano Rivera as the only players that get voted in unanimously. The other candidates that are going to make some noise and get decent vote totals are: Larry Walker, Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling, and Roger Clemens. While all four have the credentials to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Larry Walker is probably the only one that will go in on this cycle. Below you will find each candidates career statistics and you can make your decision if they belong in the Hall of Fame or not.

Ted Simmons

St Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, and Atlanta Braves

Marvin Miller

Marvin Miller led the Players Union from 1966-1982 and was instrumental to the players gaining such rights as free agency after six seasons and salary arbitration. He navigated the Union through a total of eight work stoppages and was crucial in the building of the strongest sports union today.

Derek Jeter

New York Yankees

Larry Walker

Montreal Expos, Colorado Rockies, and St. Louis Cardinals

Barry Bonds

Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants

Curt Schilling

Baltimore Orioles, Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Boston Red Sox

Roger Clemens

Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, and Houston Astros

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