Detroit Red Wings: The new NHL draft lottery hurts the red wings rebuild

The season for the Detroit Red Wings has been over since all the major sports temporarily shut down to help stop the spread of the Corona Virus. The NHL released their restart plan and only the top 24 teams are going to be invited to play in hub cities to determine a champion. The only thing Red Wings fans could look forward to was securing the first overall pick in this years draft to accelerate the rebuild. Well yesterday the NHL held its draft lottery for the 2020 season and for the Detroit Red Wings, it couldn’t of went more wrong.

The Red Wings had the best odds of winning the first overall pick with an 18.5% chance and the unnamed team that ended up winning it, had only a 6% chance. The draft order for the 2020 draft will be as follows: Team that loses in first round of playoffs, Los Angeles Kings, Ottawa Senators(from San Jose), Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators, Anaheim Ducks, New Jersey Devils, and the Buffalo Sabers. The rest will be figured out at the end of the season.


This result drastically changes the Red Wings draft plans as LW Alexis Lafreniere, the consensus number one pick, will not be available. This will leave Detroit with a less obvious choice and a prospect that is not as highly regarded. They could go the somewhat safe route with Defenseman Jaimie Drysdale or Center Marco Rossi, or they could go the gutsy route and snag the top goalie in the class with Yaroslav Askarov. Askarov is one of the better goalie prospects in the last ten years and would address a major weakness on the Red Wings.

The rebuild that the Red Wings are in is going to be a long one regardless if they had the first overall pick. But, this will not help, Detroit is the least talented team in the NHL. With the fourth pick the Red Wings will be able to increase the talent in their system but they need to hit on it, more now than ever.

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