Detroit Lions: Why Brad Holmes is a Touchdown for the Franchise

First of all, who is Brad Holmes?

New Detroit Lions General Manager Brad Holmes

Brad Holmes is 41, which is on the younger side of the spectrum for NFL General Managers. For the last 18 years Holmes has been working up the scouting ladder with the Los Angeles Rams organization.

He started out as a scouting assistant, then combine scout, then area scout, then national scout and for the last 8 years he has been the director of college scouting.

His recommendations for drafting players included Aaron Donald, Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, and Cooper Kupp. He was integral in the Rams trading up in the 2016 draft to get Jared Goff. When asked by the Rams GM Les Snead if Holmes would trade up to get a QB? He responded with a yes and that Jared Goff would be that QB.

“I’m running through my mind and it seemed like we went down every avenue except doing what other teams do and just truly getting a top-notch quarterback that you have to spend on,” Holmes says. “That’s the one avenue that we haven’t gone down. …We’ve identified Goff as a clear franchise quarterback, so let’s expend the resources to get up and just get the guy.”

Brad Holmes when asked why they should trade up to get QB Jared Goff

Now Goff has been up and down, but he has taken the Rams to the Super Bowl and has been proven to be a playoff caliber QB.

He was also in the conversations that involved high caliber players like Brandin Cooks and Jalen Ramsey.

If Nothing else it proves that Holmes will not be afraid to go for it when he truly believes in something. His meteoric rise is a sign that he has confidence and is on a mission of accomplishing what needs to be done.

The Lions have for the most part stunk at building teams from the draft. I think we will see a shakeup in the scouting department as Holmes will bring in guys he trusts and are like minded.

Up next for the new General Manager, is to find a head coach to fulfill his vision of the team. With some top targets all ready off the board, Robert Saleh going to the Jets and Arthur Smith going to the Falcons. You have to wonder which way they will go. Will they go Eric Bieniemy? Dan Campbell? Brian Daboll? Or somebody we haven’t heard much about.

For now I say in Brad Homes we trust. Can it really be much worse then the Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia, with the Patriot way experiment.

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